About Us


Bartosz Jazdzewski – Guitar teacher london

Bartosz started London Guitar Lessons website 10 years ago during his music studies. Since then he has been working with other guitar teachers around london to provide high quality and professional guitar tuition. Because of pandemic we temporarily switched to online video guitar lessons so that we can continue offering teaching service to our students.

Bartosz as well as other teachers offer Skype guitar lessons for people around the world wishing to learn how to play the guitar.

Teaching location, we cover all areas of London:

  • North london
  • South london
  • East london
  • West london
  • Central london

PleaseĀ Contact Us Today if you have any questions about guitar lessons, Bartosz offers FREE telephone consultation to make sure that you are happy about the service that we offer. Also If you would like to meet Bartosz or any other teachers for a coffee in London to discuss your needs please get in touch on 079-889-295-86